The Tapeworm is a blog that hopes to shine a light on content that highlights the extremes of human emotion, behavior, and improvement.

I first came up with the idea of The Tapeworm after reading The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II by Iris Chang and listening to episode #60 of the Jocko Podcast that covered the book as well as the tragic life of its author:

It’s a book and story that one doesn’t want to hear or think about and also one that has been overlooked by the history books. After reading it, however, I came to value the perspective that comes from contemplating emotions found on the extremes of the human emotional spectrum. The book covered the appalling cruelty of Japanese soldiers, even amongst themselves, but it also discussed the other end of that spectrum: the virtue and selflessness of those who chose to protect Chinese citizens. I decided that I  wanted to cover stories like it to show that humans not only have the capacity for unspeakable evil but also have the potential to act in outstanding and remarkable ways. Through exploring that darkness, one can begin to appreciate the good and learn what can lead to such evil (and hopefully avoid it), and also one can be inspired, by heroes, to improve and act in the same outstanding ways.

I wanted to be like a bookworm who covered heavier topics. A friend of mine ran and still runs, South Florida based zine Tape Leak and at the time I had intentions of having a regular column discussing these issues. Tape Leak + Bookworm = Tapeworm.

A year later, I found myself revisiting the idea of The Tapeworm and writing for Tape Leak. This time I approached this idea less like a bookworm and more like a tapeworm, who reviews music. My intention, however, is to broach topics across all disciplines. In the end, I decided for it to serve as a catalog of extreme and evocative feats of humanity, in any capacity, for good or evil. Articles also appear in print in Tape Leak Magazine.